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SB 142 & HB 265 require PSAP's not currently providing EMD to start T-CPR this month.

T-CPR Recognizing Cardiac Arrest and protocols for Adult, Child and Infant, from Resuscitation Academy are posted below. T-CPR training is available from both the
Resuscitation Academy and from KBEMS (search Course Catalog T-CPR). If your agency already has an EMD program such as APCO, Medical Priority or PowerPhone, there is no requirement for additional T-CPR training.

T-CPR Recognizing Cardiac Arrest (From Resuscitation Academy)

T-CPR Toolkit (From Resuscitation Academy. Sample protocols, QA/QI forms, training info, etc.)

T-CPR Adult CPR Protocol (From Resuscitation Academy)

T-CPR Child CPR Protocol (From Resuscitation Academy)

T-CPR Infant CPR Protocol (Resuscitation Academy)

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